Thermostable live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. An yeast strain chosen specifically for its positive effects on animal performance, containing more than 1.5 x 1010 CFU/g.

Granules are encapsulated by the layer of dead yeast cells.

Granules are thermophile, loss of viability at 80°С during 10 minutes at 20% relative humidity - is minimal.

Advantages of our product

Our product

Other manufacturers

  • Yeasts are dried in fluid bed drier
  • Non-porous particles
  • Uniform particle
  • No damage during drying
  • Resistant to heat + humidity
  • Resistant to damage by oxygen
  • Dried in a rotating drum
  • Highly porous particles
  • Heterogeneous particles
  • More damage during drying
  • Sensitive to heat + humidity
  • Sensitive to the damage of oxygen

Recommended dosage on 1 ton of feed:

0,5 kg of yeast / ton of feed - for cattle and dairy cows

0,2 kg of yeast / ton of feed - for poultry

Recommended individual dosage:

Dairy cow 10 g/head/day. Testing is recommended to start with 5 grams per day per head for first 2 weeks and with total time of use 180 days

Basically feeding is recommended on the last two weeks of pregnancy and during the lactation period

Expected main results:

  • Zootechnical – increasing in milk 1-3 liters/day with fat content raise
  • Veterinary – prevention of subclinical and clinical cow acidosis, general animal welfare improvement and as result the decreasing of veterinary service charges
  • Economical – decreasing of total feed costs due to higher feed digestibility and protein producing by active yeast in rumen

Action mechanism:

  • The oxygen scavenging ability in the rumen by yeast vital activity
  • The pH balance normalization in rumen
  • The development of the desired rumen and intestinal microflora
  • Improvement of nutrients delivery to animal body
  • Improving digestion of feed