Meal or Schroth (it. Schrott, the basic meaning - small pieces, trimming) is a concentrated feed the byproduct of an oil extraction production. It is obtained by extracting oil from oilseeds using organic solvents in stills and evaporators. Depending on the raw materials distinguish sunflower, soy, rapeseed, mustard, cottonseed, castor, hemp and others. Sunflower meal - a valuable high-protein feed product. On the content of raw protein can distinguish two types of meal: high protein and low protein.

There are two approaches to the definition of indicators such as crude protein, fiber, fat. On the territory of the former Soviet Union are still operating standards for which these figures are determined based on the dry substance. Labs of most other countries define them in the raw material. The values obtained with the two approaches differ from one another. Sometimes, to designate the energy value of meal there is using an indicator such as «profat» (from the English «Protein & fat»). It defines the total content of protein and fat, that is, the residual oil content. 100 kg of sunflower meal about 100 feed units and up to 41 kg of digestible protein (based on dry substance). Sunflower meal contains vitamins E, and Groups B, rich in phosphorous, but poor in calcium and sodium. All presscakes should be used in the composition of animal feed. Linseed, soybean, and especially sunflower meal include feed for farm animals and birds of all kinds.

Depending on the processing, the meal is either loose or granular (pellet obtained in order to facilitate packaging, storage and transportation). If passed cooked meal, then its name is added to the designation of "toasted." For example: "Sunflower Meal toasted granular" or "non-granulated toasted Sunflower meal". Three leaders in the production is as follows - Argentina, Ukraine, Russia. World annual production of sunflower meal is more than 10 million tons, of which more than 40% accounted for by the above-mentioned countries. Argentina has undoubted leadership in sales of sunflower meal, exporting almost 90% of the volumes produced. This represents almost 50% of world exports. Baltcross L.P. is able to supply you the Sunflower Meal Ukraine origin in bulk or packed in 50 kg bags. Cargo loaded to 40’ containers in average 27-27,5MT per 1x40’FCL. Containers equipped with cardboard on the floor and walls, and also with silica gel bags.