Straw pellets are used as bedding for horses, cows, sheep and goats, pigs, rodents and pets.

Granulate (flakes of chopped pellets) are used as bedding primarily for chickens (and other young poultry types), as the normal size pellets are too big for the day-old chicks.

Advantages of straw pellets of bedding:

Positive impact on livestock and birds:

- Our straw pellets do not contain any infectious and bacteriological agents, because the manufacturing technique at our plant provides for the raw materials exposure to the temperature of up to 150° C under the pressure of 140-160 Bar and keeps to a minimum the end products’ direct contact with people;

- In the course of the pellets production both sterilization and dust removal take place. For this reason, this type of bedding is very well tolerated by animals with allergies;

- High absorption capacity (400-500% what is 2 times more than wood chips and 10 times more than straw), so that the limbs of animals and birds are kept dry, clean and healthy;

- Pellets provide favorable indoor climate, because neutralize odors well.

  • 100% natural – pellets are made from straw with no additives
  • Convenient transportation and storing – pellets are packed into the 1 ton big bags, paper and plastic bags of 10-50 kg
  • Increased time lag between stables cleaning
  • Easily recycled after use - manure from straw pellets is a high quality fertilizer (100% composting), its total amount is much smaller compared to cases when other types of bedding is used